Security Manager Professional Development Workshop

SAIS [ South African Institute of Security ] Endorsement

SAIS Evaluation and Endorsement Committee for MiM – Human Investigation Management
Head of evaluation committee: Prof Kris Pillay FIS [UNISA](SA)

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Trained by the Top Renowned Trainers world-wide

Covering security risk investigation protection

…thereafter, access to the e-Connect Application training tools for the period of a year.  

Are you in-line with the new challenges of today?

” I believe this workshop is the most important workshop security managers can attend.This workshop show you how to read persons. It is so important in security as we are all busy with investigations.These skills learned can also be applied in business negotiations.”
By Lionel: Director Security Consultancy Africa

”The MiM Human Investigation Management  workshop has unarguably been the most useful, relevant workshop that I have ever attended. It was thoroughly engaging, practical and thought provokingThis workshop is highly recommended, not only to Security Professionals like myself, but for all sectors of business. It is so refreshing to have a facilitator so comfortable in his area of expertise not to rely on a PowerPoint presentation that so many facilitators simply regurgitate, and for that matter not even referring to a single written note.I look forward to working my way through the course material over the coming weeks.
By Fred:Regional Security Manager: Corporate Security- Africa

We as professionals think that we know it all and we just do not especially in the security industry even more so. The MIM course(workshop)  taught me to be more patient and that there is more than situational awareness than I thought.Regarding your training method, MIM, it is epic!! You have the knowledge and combined unique skill to extract all reliable relative information from another human being. The only regret I have is that I was not introduced (on this level) to this method sooner when I was still in the Police. I definitely going to recommend this course to my colleagues in the security industry and Police.
By Jaco, Security Manager

”The master in mind, Human investigation management course has been invaluable to me.It affords each practitioner the opportunity to see the truth before their eye.More often than not, we do not see what is ‘really’ taking place before us. A lot of misinterpretation to our surroundings and Master in Mind Human investigation management, invokes the brain to rise to the potential of being situationally aware and therefore making each decision through your day more accurate. This training is the perfect way to filter and produce an ‘unfiltered’ truth amongst the all the exposure we are subjected to everyday.
By Jono: Security Company Director

” I believe the Security Industry should know the skill-set and attend the workshop. Security awareness and the efficiency of response in my opinion cannot be overemphasized. Based on the experience I have had and having witnessed some gruesome and adverse effects of lack of being security conscious in our modern day world.I also like the aspect of the course that dealt with how culture difference affects peoples behave and how certain body language or gesture can be misunderstood by another from a different cultural background and a lot more. The environment for the workshop was conducive, the manner at which the course was delivered was encouraging. This workshop does not only break barriers amongst people from different parts of the world, it also made everyone feel comfortable with each other, to say the least”
By Dele: Chief Investigator Zimbabwe Security Company


”Attending the Human Investigation Management offering was extremely insightful. I have gained additional ideas to effectively approach and assess day-to-day issues that require investigative intervention.The cultural gestures and awareness information shared was an element of course that I found highly beneficial, this I can use to equip myself to better approach situations on the ground. Thank you for the great presentation. An interactive experience without the use of fancy PowerPoint slideshows and videos.
By Ravesh: HWC Security Manager [Hotel & Casino]


Do you know of what is going on the ground in your region of interest?

Managers are living in a real world and could handle ‘life impacting’ or ‘life & death’ situations having to make hard decisions quickly.

Every minute that passes, there may be issues taking place that [They] may not be aware of, which may impact on their daily life and those that they are responsible for.

Managers have to rely on usable and reliable information from people on the ground.

If the manager cannot detect if people are providing reliable information, then they are unaware of the threat and risk in theater

Therefore, the Manager has to have a clear perspective of the true Situation, Position & Implications for Security – Risk – Investigation – Protection

Workshop themed on current challenges in theater.

How to use deception detection taking cultural connotations into account addressing various current challenges in theater.

Human Investigation Management

 Security Success depends on the level of situational awareness of the Decision Makers and Reaction Speed determines the outcome

Attend a one day Workshop and Obtain

The New Generation ‘deception detection e- manual ‘  is provided at the workshop, which is accessible for a year.


Also provided : HIM Certificate of Attendance



The HIM e-connect course application manual [training tool]

Master the skill-craft;

Evaluate people and the situation quickly using deception detection skills Interview staff and witnesses and if there is room for concern, use investigative interviewing HIM techniques to gather usable and reliable information


A few Minutes per day : You are provided short Video Clips, Slider overview and a Tool Box which provides the actions to do each week which is used on the PC, Laptop, Tablet or Mobile Phone – in order to ‘Watch and Learn’ ‘Do, Experience & Embed”. Curriculum: Mentality, Cultures, Brain Engineering and Involuntary reactions in conjunction with methods using language to extract usable and reliable information.

  • Workshop Numbers Limited .   RSVP: First reserved and paid

Johannesburg : next date to be announced

Venue Oaklands Inn and Conference Centre   Time: 9.30 to 4.30 Lunch included.

Date: 2017 Bookings. E-mail full details to be informed

Course Standard Rate for 1 person: R 3 200

Group Rate: 2+ R 2700 per person. Conditions: The prices shown are excluding VAT. Cancelation: Non refundable, however, alternative date can be requested .

For, In-house, One-to-one training: By Appointment –

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Note: The course rate is collected for ISIO/MiM which is supplied and supported by offices abroad. The payment is non refundable, but it is transferable to another MiM course if unable to attend or cancelled.

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