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Marlene Nunes

It is the ‘What’ you know, that provides you the edge’

Professionals make decisions

There are some that could handle
” Life Impacting” or ” Life & Death”
Situations and Decisions

Good decisions is based on Reliable Information

Information is Extracted from People

How do you know if the information is Reliable?
as people lie, hide things from you or volunteer information
for their own agenda


Success depends on the level of situational awareness
of the Decision Maker and the reaction speed

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Learn Online

 Human Investigation Management

Deception detection & Investigative interviewing

The easiest and most effective method to acquire the skill-set
and master the skill-craft


How it works

First begin on a wide screen and only after repeating the course cycle twice begin to use the mobile phone

Use minimum 10 minutes a day the e-connect HiM course application manual
(self-tuition training tool) is an easy step-by-step method and
based on ‘ Watch and Learn’, ‘Do, Experience & Embed’

  • Easy to use: containing short video clips, sliders and tool boxes – “Blended Learning”
  • Follow step-by-step practical instructions of paying attention to certain aspects daily
    and especially before meeting others
  • User access: 1 Year access to HiM e-connect online course
  • It takes 9 weeks to go through the course cycle once.
  • Users tend to go through the course at least 4 times.
  • Each time one goes through the course cycle  and goes through the learning curve,
    different learning outcomes and results are achieved.


Acquire mentality and attitude
Cultures and communication
Brain engineering: Physical reactions
Language: Using right questions,at the right time for the right reason to extract usable and reliable information in order to determine the ‘Why?’ a person is lying, hiding or sharing information.
S.P.I. formula: Situation, Position & Implications
Putting it all together

Registration and Rate

Registering: Course activated within 24 hours ( allow for time zone)

T & C : Any copyright and trademark violations will be dealt with accordingly.

Rate : USD $125 in total   
(No need to belong to PayPal – all credit cards below are accepted)


To obtain certification of attendance train in person online, or in person at a workshop: see course 2 .

For Certified Courses, view workshops in person or online (Courses)

Course 1: HIM e-connect course application manual (self tuition training tool)

Register and Payment

Contact Marlene for workshops in person 

Founder of Self & More Coaching since 2011

Life, Business & Relationship Coach (Evolved Coaching)
NLP Master Practioner
TPT Practioner

Member of:
Federation of NLP Coaching Professionals

A Trainer for a Coaching Institute Training Coaches in NLP
Coaching NLP, NLP Master and Life Coaching Skills




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