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on the e-connect course application manual (self tuition training tool)


How to select a Security Expert

Crime Reporters, War/Conflict Correspondents, Journalists

How does security handle Bullies, Blackmail and Extortion?

Security Managers are Criminologists

First contact and the Security Manager

Security Industry Professionals know how, where and why to use deception detection

What is Human Investigation Management?

Polygraph Examiners


Deception detection is the critical core skill for the security industry

What is Situational Awareness?

CP and Risk assessment using deception detection methods

Self defense and situational awareness

Insider Threat and Risk

How to assess, plan and manage the Risk for Neighborhood Polarization and/or ‘No Go’ zone impact 

Guide to selecting the right security – risk – investigation – protection professional

Risk Nightmare = level of collateral damage

Managers with Risk knowledge & Security/Investigation skills could contribute greater value for their companies or clients!