Dr Vijay Sewduth

Dr Vijay Sewduth

dr vijay sewduth


Human Investigation Management

It is the ‘What’ you know, that provides you the edge’


Professionals make decisions

There are some that could handle
” Life Impacting” or ” Life & Death”
Situations and Decisions

Good decisions is based on Reliable Information

Information is Extracted from People

How do you know if the information is Reliable?
as people lie, hide things from you or volunteer information
for their own agenda



Success depends on the level of situational awareness
of the Decision Maker and the reaction speed

 Human Investigation Manager

MiM – The New Generation ‘deception detection method’

 Skill Development Tool to ‘Evaluate – Interview – Investigate’


E – Connect Course 1 & Application Tool

How it works

  • Easy to use: containing short video clips, sliders and tool boxes.- “Blended Learning”
  • Follow step by step practical instructions of paying attention to certain aspects before meeting others
  • The E- connect course 1 is ”a Tool” for daily use!

For a few minutes each day
” Watch & Learn ” ” Do, Experience & Embed”

  • Duration: 1 Year access to E-Connect
  • It takes 9 weeks to go through the cycle once.
  • Users tend to go through the course at least 4 times.
  • Each time one goes through the cycle – the level of understanding heightens, which provides even more amazing results and which is testified in the ”comments link” by users.

Course 1 is:

  • E-Learn on-line
  • Provided at workshops in person and for on-line certification.

For Certification:

Course 1 without certification is self learning only. No Certification unless upgraded for certification

For Certification Courses view workshops in person or online (Courses 4 to 9)



Acquire Attitude & Mentality

Professionals practice perfection using specific techniques


Communication & Conduct

Different cultures be it international, religions, gangs, business interact differently in conduct and cultural communication.


Physical Reactions

People react involuntary physically through stimulation of thought and the senses


Lie and Deception language

How to use language and sound to extract usable information

Knowing how to find out if people are lying is relatively easy using the MiM methods
– we have to find out why they are hiding something or voluntary sharing information.


The Bluff

What is the bluff and how to identify and call it.


Putting it all Together

Putting it all together. The knowledge is provided in a puzzle building format and now we put it all together using the S.P.I formula


Register Steps

  1. Register

  2. Click on the payment button which you will find on the post register page
    . [ pay with any credit card, or ‘paypal’ account (not necessary) ]

Course activated within 24 hours ( allow for time zone)

T & C : Any copy-write and trademark violations will be dealt with accordingly.




Rate :  USD$ 125 in total (No need to belong to paypal – all credit cards below are accepted). Register and Payment Here

  For Workshops in PERSON – contact Dr Vijay Sewduth for more information.

Contact Dr Vijay Sewduth



Doctor of Philosophy, Ph.D

BA (Metaphysical Science)

Diploma (Metaphysical Practitioner)

National Certificate in Occupationally

Directed Education, Training and Development (OD- ETD). UNISA

MA (Social Behavior Studies )

University of Durban Westville:
BA (Social Work) Hons

Diploma Industrial Relations UNISA

Industrial Psychology SETA

HWSETA Assessor (HW592AR0600350)
Moderator (HWSETA/KZN1343/07)

Skills Developer/Facilitator
SERVICES SETA Assessor (6108030020080)
ETDP SETA Assessor (ASE15804)
MERSETA Assessor (17-QA/ASS/1551/08)
WR SETA Assessor (617/ASS/02698/08

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