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Security Manager Professional Development Workshop

Dr Jon Hodson

Dr Jon Hodso MiM

Are you in-line with
the new challenges of today?

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SAIS Evaluation and Endorsement Committee for MiM – Human Investigation Management
Head of Evaluation Committee: Prof Kris Pillay FIS (SA)

Security Risk Investigation Workshop



I am a security professional working in high risk environments and interacting daily with volatile people. Additionally, my employment involves employee vetting and intelligence sourcing and monitoring in secure facilities.

Deception detection is a major aspect of both my job requirement and personal safety of myself, colleagues and the general public. After attending the Master in Mind – Human Investigation Management – course I have found a significant and near immediate increase in my situational awareness and acuity to behaviour analysis, substantiated intelligence reporting, vetting and investigative interviewing. The Deception Detection and Investigative Interviewing techniques delivered in the course by Dr. Jon Hodson, provide research based techniques delivered in a methodical and reality based program to overview and progressively develop comprehensive skills to not only detect, but assess deception as well as underlying intent which may be based in unclear reasoning, either conscious or subconscious, malign or protective. I found the face-to-face element of the course to be practical and enjoyable and delivered by a highly credible, experienced and supportive facilitator, Dr. Jon Hodson. Furthermore, I have found the supplementary on-line components to be highly enriching and easily digestible for people of any professional background. I highly recommend the Master in Mind course to anyone involved in security work of any field, from door work to crowd control, through to emergency response and counter-intelligence, or even individuals interested in seeking truth in their day to day interactions with others.By Michael

Since the workshop i believe my level of situational awareness has increased. I’ve found myself speaking less in conversations and listening more to what is being said and how it is said, whilst also watching how people are delivering what they are saying (mainly body language at the min). I’m looking forward to a better understanding of what it all means! In regards to the workshop i thought it was a great introduction into the world of deception detection and investigative interviewing. In a one day workshop its a large topic to present, but the way the day was laid out took full advantage of the time we had very well.  By Tim



“I had an absolute ball – I haven’t had a course that held my attention and I have gained so much knowledge from in such a short period.  I can’t wait to start the online stuff and be sure that I will be recommending this to my colleagues.” by Gregory – Security Consultant Investigator – Australia


‘It’s a rare skill to possess, and not a difficult one to learn I would recommend any security operator to learn this course, and I would be much more likely to employ a person who has been through the MiM HIM course”
by Ramsey Security Training Professional Australia

Are you in-line with
the new challenges of today?

Managers are living in a real world and could handle ‘life impacting’ or ‘life & death’ situations having to make hard decisions quickly.

Every minute that passes, there may be issues taking place that [They] may not be aware of, which may impact on their daily life and those that they are responsible for.

Managers have to rely on usable and reliable information from people on the ground.

If the manager cannot detect if people are providing reliable information, then they are unaware of the threat and risk in theater

Therefore, the Manager has to have a clear perspective of the true Situation, Position & Implications for Security – Risk – Investigation – Protection

Workshop themed on current challenges in theater.

How to use deception detection taking cultural connotations into account addressing various current challenges in theater.

Human Investigation Management

 Security Success depends on the level of situational awareness of the decision makers and reaction speed determines the outcome


A one day Workshop and Obtain

The New Generation Deception detection & Investigative interviewing

e-connect course application manual (training tool)  
is provided at the workshop, which is accessible for a year


Also provided : MiM Certificate of Attendance

What was said about the workshops in person


The HIM e-connect course application manual [training tool] provides an easy method to embed the knowledge.

10 Minutes per day – You are provided short Video Clips, Slider overview and a Tool Box which provides the actions to do each week which is used on the PC, Laptop, Tablet or Mobile Phone – in order to ‘watch and learn’ ‘do, experience & embed”.

Curriculum: Mentality, Cultures, Brain Engineering and Involuntary reactions in conjunction with methods using language to extract usable and reliable information.

Workshop Numbers Limited . Sunday the 21st May 2017. 

International Security Training Academy
Workshop Location: Level 1, 280 King Street Melbourne

or contact on mob. 0412 149 176.
[Note: Places are limited to 16 practitioners due to the workshop style of training employed.]

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