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 Security Professional Development Workshop

SAIS [ South African Institute of Security ] Endorsement

SAIS Evaluation and Endorsement Committee for MiM – Human Investigation Management
Head of evaluation committee: Prof Kris Pillay FIS [UNISA](SA)

Facilitated By;

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Trained by the Top Renowned Trainers world-wide

Such as: Author Juan Kirsten, Dr Jon Hodson(AU), Dr Vijay Sewduth (RSA), Danie Adendorff MSc.Sec.Man(UK),
Errol Peace FIS (RSA), MSyl (UK), CFE (USA), AISM (India), IIPS (Nigeria).

Covering security risk investigation protection

…thereafter, access to the e-Connect App tools for the period of a year.  


”The MiM Human Investigation Management  workshop has unarguably been the most useful, relevant workshop that I have ever attended. It was thoroughly engaging, practical and thought provokingThis workshop is highly recommended, not only to Security Professionals like myself, but for all sectors of business.  I look forward to working my way through the course material over the coming weeks.Fred:Regional Security Manager: Corporate Security- Africa

”I would just like to thank you for the workshop I attended. I believe that due to the way it was presented on the day, it allowed me to get the maximum benefit from the workshop. With the content of the workshop being of such value to me it really was important for me to learn and remember, which again I feel I have been able to do as a result of how the workshop was presented. The content of the workshop has opened my eyes to a different form of language that I almost took for granted as an every day practice. Knowing that I have these new tools at my disposal now has allowed me to feel a sense of security surrounding my daily interactions with others.” Peter:Chief Investigator

”Just a word of thanks for the workshop.  It really was a very good start on the road to become competent with understanding human communication and intention.  Thank you for the very clear demonstrations and in particular the very practical discussions which provided a good foundation for the rest of the course.  I am looking forward to work through the rest of the material.  This is a topic I treasure and I spent a lot of time in studying human behaviour.  Of particular value for me was the part on cultural communication which really switched on my awareness to observe other cultures. I am looking forward to learn much more from the HiM course manual. Thus far I thoroughly enjoyed it.” Gert: Security Consulting Africa Specialist 

After the workshop results: e-connect course application manual

With my interactions with others, I feel that I am doing better now. Just the other day I was required to complete a series of tasks which involved building relations with government departments for work. The thing is, In the space of roughly only 20 minutes, I needed these people to trust me enough to give me preferential treatment with the work I bring them and also so that things can always move smoothly when I arrive to see them. There was very little room for error on the day. It was either going to work or fail for me. It is without question that if I had not attended the workshop I would not have been able to identify a baseline with people who had never met me before. Further, remembering what you told me from the workshop that people will always remember you by the way you make them feel, this helped me bridge the silence gap. In a few short minutes I was able to break the defensive wall/aura around conversation with these people and they opened right up and now they are welcoming my return for further business. A seemly difficult task accomplished due to M.I.M.

Overall this was a huge step because of the time limit, cultural differences and what was accomplished in that space of time. Furthermore I know that it was what I learned at the workshop that enabled me to work under pressure like this and remain in the right mindset to ultimately get the task done without any issues. This skill keeps proving itself time and time again in small and big ways for me.
Peter – Investigator

All is well thank you. Must tell you that I had two confessions the last week using master in mind technique.  My interaction with others is fine, the only thing I am starting to realise some people in my life who are deceiving me.
Schalk – Investigator over 22 years in the field.

Are you in-line with
the new challenges of today?

Workshop themed on current challenges in theater.

To be revealed and discussed in the workshop. Clarified by Experts from different sectors

Managers are living in a real world and could handle ‘life impacting’ or ‘life & death’ situations having to make hard decisions quickly.

Every minute that passes, there may be issues taking place that [They] may not be aware of, which may impact on their daily life and those that they are responsible for.

Managers have to rely on usable and reliable information to ensure that their region of responsibility is in ship – shape condition.


If the manager cannot detect if people are providing reliable information, then they are unaware of the threat and risk in theater

Therefore, the Manager has to have a clear perspective of the true Situation, Position & Implications for Security – Risk – Investigation – Protection

Human Investigation Management

 Security Success depends on the level of situational awareness of the Decision Makers and Reaction Speed determines the outcome

Attend a one day Workshop and Obtain

The New Generation ‘deception detection e- manual ‘ 
is provided at the workshop, which is accessible for a year


Also provided : MiM Certificate of Attendance

What was said about the workshops in person


The HIM e-connect course application manual [Training Tool]

A few Minutes per day : You are provided short Video Clips, Slider overview and a Tool Box which provides the actions to do each week which is used on the PC, Laptop, Tablet or Mobile Phone – in order to ‘Watch and Learn’ ‘Do, Experience & Embed”.

Curriculum: Mentality, Cultures, Brain Engineering and Involuntary reactions in conjunction with methods using language to extract usable and reliable information.

Workshop in Theater

Johannesburg : Oaklands Inn and Conference Centre

Date: next public workshop to be published shortly. For in-house workshop contact Errol below

Time: 9.30 to 4.30 Lunch included

Course Standard Rate for 1 person: R 3 200

Group Rate: 2+ R 2700 per person.

Conditions: The prices shown are excluding VAT.
Cancelation: Non refundable, however, alternative date can be requested

For In-House Training: By Appointment –

Contacts for Reservations and Payment

Note: The course rate is collected for ISIO/MiM which is supplied and supported by offices abroad. The payment is non refundable, but it is transferable to another MiM course if unable to attend or cancelled.

Errol Peace:

BTC Training (Africa) Pty Limited

Errol Peace

Managing director of BTC Training Africa (Pty) Ltd

FIS (SA), MSyl (UK), CFE (USA), AISM (India), IIPS (Nigeria)

Errol, a director of a training company that provides accredited training courses, a Fellow of the of the South African Institute of Security and past-chairman of the Board of Governors, a member of the British Security Institute, an associate member of the International Institute of Security and Safety Management and a certified fraud examiner of the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners. He also holds a diploma in Security Management from UNISA.