HIM e-Connect Course 1 Application Manual
(self-tuition training tool)

Deception detection & Investigative interviewing

The easiest and most effective method to acquire the skill-set
and master the skill-craft

Based on ‘ Watch and Learn ‘, ‘ Do, Experience and Embed’

How it works:

First begin on a wide screen and only after repeating the course cycle twice begin to use the mobile phone

Use minimum 10 minutes a day the e-connect HIM course application manual (self-tuition training tool)

This skill is easily mastered by using the mixed media method the slider, video clip and toolbox

Follow the easy step-by-step method by practically applying the instructions in your own world

Course Features:


Acquire mentality and attitude
Cultures and communication
Brain engineering: Physical reactions
Language: Using right questions,at the right time for the right reason
S.P.I. formula: Situation, Position & Implications
The Bluff
Putting it all together

9 Weeks

It takes 9 weeks to go through the course cycle once

Focused Sectors

Journalists/Conflict,War Correspondents, Crime Reporters
Criminology, Security, Investigators, Close Protection
Directors,Managers,Negotiators, Merges & Acquasitions,Sales
HR, Psychologists Trainers, Coaches
Forensics,Judicial System, Advocates, Lawyers

4 Times

Users tend to go through the course at least 4 times.
Each time one repeats the course cycle and goes through the learning curve,
different learning outcomes and results are achieved

Upgrade anytime for Certification

Certifications for Attendance, Criminology, Polygraph Examiners or for All Professions.
Each time one repeats the course cycle and goes through the learning curve,
different learning outcomes and results are achieved

Year Access

User Access:1 Year access to HIM e-connect online training tool

Slide background

Juan Kirsten Author

Slide background

Dr Jon Hodson

Slide background

Dr Gavriel Schneider Criminology Sec

Slide background

Dr Declan Garrett MSc Security

Slide background

Dhafir Shammery MSc PICT CHIMC

Slide background

Danie Adendorff MSc Security Management

Slide background

Errol Peace FIS (SA), MSyl (UK)

Slide background

Asja Lajtman Bosilj MBA

Slide background

Jean Pierre Roux MPhil Criminal Justice

Slide background
Slide background

Marléne Nunes Master NLP Certified

Slide background

Shaun McGoune Polygraph Examiner Specialist

Slide background

Amanda Strydom BSc

Slide background

Shani Vermeulen B.Sc



Client Review

“Most impressive and unique system”

I already got a good sense of HIM. The most impressive thing is the way you approached the subject/situation (asking the right question at the right time). The skills you learn by listening/questioning and watching is amazing. If you think about it, how many people in your life time  have you interviewed correctly? How many times have you said to yourself “I should not have done this but rather that”. With the HIM you use  a unique system with greater responsibility, effectiveness and more confidence. It also teaches you about yourself, you own mind set (observation skills) to be more alert and not focus on yourself but rather on the objective.”
By Jaco: Security Manager/Security Company   

Registration and Rate

Registering: Course activated within 24 hours ( allow for time zone)

T & C : Any copyright and trademark violations will be dealt with accordingly.

Rate : USD $125 in total   
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