MiM is an ISIO Accredited Training company and endorses the MiM: Human Investigation Management certified courses

The Human Investigation Management courses is the only module or course of its kind to be ISIO Accredited. The critical core skills and method of training are in line with the security – protection – investigation professional.

Specific MiM Certified Trainers that provide skill training and add the module to their skill training, or, train in person courses suitable for the security industry are ISIO Accredited.

The Course thesis Handbook guideline outlines the training methodology and the examination process for Certification at the highest post graduate level. Peers reviewed by Dr Jon Hodson,

Dr Jon Hodson, Dr Vijay Sewduth and Danie Adendorff MSc. Sec Man, ND Pol Admin

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MiM Human Investigation Management

Endorsement by SAIS Endorsement Committee

Mr Errol Peace of BTC Training collected the South African Institute of Security [SAIS] Endorsement Certificate from Chairman David Dodge – on behalf and for the MiM/HiM- Human Investigation Management courses authored by Master in Mind.

SAIS Evaluation and Endorsement Committee for MiM – Human Investigation Management

Head of Evaluation Committee Prof Kris Pillay FIS[UNISA] (SA)

The International Trainer Network are companies or professionals based in various locations and Specialists in Specific Fields



Juan Kirsten Author

Dr Declan Garrett

Dr Jon Hodson

Dr Petro Janse Van Vuuren

Dr Vijay Sewduth

Danie Adendorff MSc.Sec.Man

Errol Peace FIS (SA), MSyl (UK)

Marlené Nunes NLP Masters Cert.

Asja Lajtman Bosilj MBA

Adv Ernst Richter BIURUS,BPROC,LLB

Pearl Seigel MBL

Amanda Strydom B Sc

Shani Vermeulen B.Sc

Dhafir Shammery MSc PICT CHIMC Middle East Specialist

Polygraph Specialist Member APA, BEPA, SAPPA,PSIRA

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