What is Human Investigation Management (HIM)?

The success of managing serious scenarios depends on the level of situational awareness
of the decision maker on the ground 
& reaction speed


Situational Awareness in your region of interest
Considering historic data, current challenges and the X factor


the true situation from the people on the ground or a person of interest
Using lie, deception detection and investigative interviewing training tool that is uniquely designed

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Our Human Investigation Management (HIM) workshop and e-connect online training tool is

What are the critical core skills a security, risk or protection professional has to master?

the easiest and most effective method to acquire the skill-set and master the skill-craft

for Deception detection & Investigative interviewing

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Juan Kirsten Author

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Dr Jon Hodson

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Dr Gavriel Schneider Criminology Sec

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Dr Declan Garrett MSc Security

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Dhafir Shammery MSc PICT CHIMC

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Danie Adendorff MSc Security Management

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Errol Peace FIS (SA), MSyl (UK)

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Asja Lajtman Bosilj MBA

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Jean Pierre Roux MPhil Criminal Justice

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Marléne Nunes Master NLP Certified

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Shaun McGoune Polygraph Examiner Specialist

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Amanda Strydom BSc

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Shani Vermeulen B.Sc


“Ahead of the game”

” You’re either ahead of the game or playing catch-up. I would recommend HIM to anyone who is looking to understand people and be more strategic in their dealings with others, especially when they have people’s lives in their hands.

HIM provides one with the tools and capability to understand what the other person is thinking. This is crucial when strategizing for business projects as well as in one’s personal life. Being able to tell what the other person is feeling and thinking is a massive bonus and leverage in any social situation.’’

By Jean-Pierre Roux BSocSc hons; MPhil in Criminal Justice

The biggest nightmare of a security professional is not knowing what is truly happening on the ground

People are not forthcoming with information – They lie, hide or share information for their own agenda.

Professionals need USABLE, RELIABLE and ALL information to make decisions.

Making decisions based on inadequate or unreliable information = collateral damage?

Professionals master lie, deception detection and investigative interviewing


Journalists/Conflict,War Correspondents, Crime ReportersCriminology, Security, Investigators, Close ProtectionDirectors,Managers,Negotiators,Sales, Customer Services
HR, Psychologists Trainers, CoachesForensics, Merges & AcquasitionsJudicial System, Advocates, Lawyers

The Easiest & Most Effective way to Acquire the skill-set & Master the skill-craft

The easiest and most effective way to acquire the skill-set & master the skill-craft

Self-tuition training tool applies the knowledge to your reality

The HIM self-tuition options
are the skill-craft training tools that embeds
the knowledge in order to foster human instinct.

Based on ‘ Watch and Learn ‘, ‘ Do Experience Embed’

Access to both are for 1 year
that can be renewed and is supported by updates.

Trained in person in workshops or online via Skype or Google Hangouts

Themed and focused workshops in person can
be trained by professionals in a specific field
on how to use the skills for specific functions.
The workshop can be booked for in-house training
One-to-one training over skype or google+ plus
to obtain professional coaching by specialists.

Examination and Certification for CHIM

Repeat the course cycle three times and
on the fourth time compile 3 of 2000 word

The learner must undergo 4 sessions cycle with
one-to-one coaching with a Certified Trainer.

Examined by a HIM Certified Examiner and
obtain acknowledgement of being certified for
deception detection and investigative interviewing.