Certified Human Investigation Management Module for Criminology [CHIMC]

It is not the weapon that commits terror or crime – it is people!

Certification for Deception detection and Investigative interviewing module – Criminology

  • SPI (Situation – Position – Implications )
  • Human Behavior
  • Cultural Connotations
  • Deception detection & Investigative interviewing

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SAIS Endorsed SAIS Evaluation and Endorsement Committee
for MiM – Human Investigation Management
Head of Evaluation Committee: Prof Kris Pillay FIS [UNISA] (SA)


”The e-connect HIM course application manual provides a plethora of information and really makes it simple to understand along as you follow the cycle. The cycle works but needs to be followed. The online training provided during the online in person training was second to none, not only does he talk about it in detail but can constantly keep you online.”
By Stephen Langley LLB (Hons)(Open) MSc CFIP 

Professionals are living in a real world and could handle ‘life impacting’ or ‘life & death’ situations having to make hard decisions quickly.

Every minute that passes, there may be issues taking place that [They] may not be aware of and may impact on the lives that they are responsible for.

Professionals rely on usable, reliable and all the information 


People lie, hide or share information for their own agenda

When the professional cannot detect if people are providing sufficient and reliable information, then they are unaware of the true situation, or threat and risk in theater

Therefore, all stakeholders in the Judicial System must have a clear perspective of
Situation – Position – Implications

Course Thesis Handbook and Learning Method

The 79440 + word course thesis handbook is the knowledge foundation which is contained, designed in an easy learning method by following a step by step process and going through a learning curve. The H.I.M knowledge is therefore provided via the course 1 [E-Connect Course Application Tool] and not in a printed  format.


  • A. Submit a 2000 word essay on your day to day interaction with others paying attention to your level of situational awareness and your interactions with others in order to extract usable and reliable information by getting them to talk more.- Reason to strengthen your ability to read people.

  • B. A 2000 word essay on various cultures that you interact with in personal or in business. What you notice with regards to cultural conduct, cultural communication and/or religious physical conduct paying attention to eyes, face, hands and feet.- Reason is to evaluate and interview without prejudice knowing that one can be misunderstood or misinterpret others.

  • C. A 2000 word essay on ‘What does Situational Awareness mean to you in context to your region of interest?
    Reason – is for opening your own mind to your ”situation of interest’ to gather usable and reliable information to clarify your S.P.I

Study Methods:
Workshop or Online in Person

Undergo the training in person with MiM Certified Trainer [Course 2]
Then repeat the course cycle 3 times and on the fourth time compile your essays ( Duration 9 – 12 months)

Assessment and Examination

Submit Essays and Set up video conferencing with Examiner in Person ( Skype or Google Hangout )
Examination Payment and Obtain Certification. USD $320

How to obtain CHIMC student number

Send your Course Username and e-mail address that you used for course 2 along with your current certification of attendance number for the training-in-person [course 2]  for student number registration and payment  (contact@master-in-mind.com)