Training in Person [TIP] Workshop or Online

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Attend a workshop in Person [Find Calendar link below]

Order your own in-house workshop with a trained professional that specializes in your region of interest

or Online in person with a professional in a particular field
(The HIM e-connect course application manual – self training tool is included)

Workshop in Person 

Participate with like minded professionals a themed workshop or Book your own in-house workshop.

The e-connect course application e-manual (self-tuition training tool) is included and provided at the workshop. The Certification of attendance is only provided after the participant has gone through the 9 week cycle of the course tool.



Online work through the HIM e-connect course application manual ( training tool) with a Certified Trainer over skype or google plus

  1. Register and purchase e-connect course application manual (self tuition training tool)
  2. Schedule your first training at the same time as you activate course 1 and contact MiM to obtain student number. 
    The training will be via skype or google hangout examination with a MiM Certified Trainer.
  3. You need to have at least 3 x 45 minute training sessions online USD$ 56 per session with the MiM Certified Trainer.You are charged separately by the trainer.
  4. Your certificate of attendance will be dispatched by MiM Head Office once you have completed the course cycle twice [Log is monitored by MiM and validated by the trainers]

Order your own in-house workshop anywhere in the world

Find Workshops Calendar in Theater 

Register and Buy the Course Manual[Training Tool] then contact MiM for student number